Report by Neil Maggs:

I am on the support staff of a secondary school in Bristol. Recently I witnessed a most unpleasant piece of deception by the British army that readers should be made aware of.

Our school has an annual “activity week” where timetables are replaced by other activities.

One such day for students aged 13 to 14 was billed as “army day”. Students were taken to the main hall and sat in front of a large screen bearing the logo and slogan from the army’s TV recruitment campaign – “Army. Be The Best.”

A soldier in full uniform then introduced himself as a recruitment officer. The pupils were clearly being subjected to a recruitment campaign – some two years before they were due to leave secondary school.

The screen then moved on to a film about soldiers in Iraq that contained a series of blatant lies about how the British army “has stayed on in Iraq after the end of hostilities” in order to “help to rebuild infrastructure like roads, schools and hospitals”.

I was livid and went to find the head teacher. I was informed that the army had submitted a brief which the school had accepted. But this brief did not mention the active recruitment of 13-14 year olds into a military career.

Spread the word. Do not allow military into our schools, and be extremely vigilant about allowing young people to attend any such activities – they are being groomed for military service.